10 Signs Which Indicate She Is Completely Into You

Sometimes, it’s the signs which give it all away, no matter how hard we try hard to conceal them. A smile here, a stare there, a look back, a peek when no one is noticing, all that encompasses a person’s affection for us. We would help you identify 10 such signs of a girl, which is a give away about her being in love with you.

She touches you quite frequently

This is a clear sign that she is into you, a woman would not get too close to comfort with any random person. If she does so, that means you hold a very special place in her heart and if the touches are quite frequent, it indicates she wants to get more closer to you and she is hoping you pick this sign.

She does what you do and unintentionally at that

She starts mirroring your activities subconsciously, this is something which she would do quite naturally. When a girl gets closer to a person, she starts to replicate his habits involuntarily, it may be as simple as picking up a coffee and drinking it in the same manner as her guy would have done

She often tilts her head when she is speaking to you or while looking at you

This is quite a statement which she has made. When a woman tilts her head while talking to her man or while she is plainly staring at him, it means she is engaged in him. She is silently absorbing all his energies.

She keeps fixing her hair, makeup or fudges with her cloth

This is a clear sign of her being anxious around you. She wants to be the best version of herself when she is with you. Hence she keeps playing around with her accessories to get the best out of herself and impress you.

If she responds to your touch, by touching back

If you accidentally happen to touch her and she resorts by touching you back. It can surely be considered a sign of her being comfortable with you. On the contrary if she chooses to back away the moment you touched her. It means you have got a long way to go to impress her.

She keeps staring at you

If you catch her off guard while she is staring at you, she would be left in a haze. It is a clear sign of a girl being madly in love with you. When a woman looks at you longingly and continuously for no particular reason, she has fallen for you.

She blushes a lot, when you hears you speaking

The way you speak publicly or talk to people, she will blush and remain in a fairy state of mind then.

Now she conquers your personal space

A woman won’t battle an eyelid when it comes to moving in up, close and personal with you. She would seamlessly move in to your territory and would wishfully take charge of your life. If this isn’t a clear sign of her being completely into you, we aren’t sure, what is?

She keeps smiling inadvertently

When you are talking to someone or conversing with people, she has a constant smile on her face. It implies your histrionics impresses her

She points your feet towards you and you take it with both hands

And ultimately, this sign is a clear winner when it comes to speaking about proximity a girl has with her partner. When she makes this move (of bringing her feet closer to you) then remember she is the one for you and she has already fallen heads over heels in love with you

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