8 Awesome Company Offices People Might Mistake For Vacation Spots

Offices nowadays, particularly companies who drive major portion of their revenue digitally are known to have the best office workspaces.

They devote a lot of attention to their workforce and the working environment. They believe it would bring the best out of them. 

Who doesn’t want a great environment to work in? It is indeed every employee’s dream to be recruited with companies which are a part of this list.

We at Genmice have designed a list of such offices from across the world. This would throw light upon what happens behind the scenes of some of the biggest companies which we have come to know by now.

Selgas Cano – Madrid

We are quite sure, this will be one of those companies about which you must not have heard much about.

A company whose office’s USP is that its part underground and part above ground.

An employee while working on their system can have a view of the wood, just imagine! 

This office space, designed by Iwan Baan is situated in a forest, near Madrid, in Spain. Designed specifically for architects, this office is light and airy, with clean lines and vibrant details. 

Not just awesome fun slides, great food and gaming areas, but its more about having a relaxed environment. A certain departure from harsh lighting and big empty rooms.

Google Office, Zurich

It is an open secret that google is the company to work with. The company has consistently ranked as the most desirable company for an employee. The fun, frolic and razzmatazz of the company has never missed anyone’s eyes.

The internet giant has put a lot of time, effort and money in making the company what it is today.

It’s offices are a perfect blend of having an ideal work environment. The company prides itself on providing its employees the best facilities. This helps them to rejuvenate and work with great zeal, indirectly benefitting the organisation.

Google thrives on creativity and that thought is the main reason behind the designs of their offices. It provides every employee with a space for them to be innovative.

There’s an unsaid rule at Google which says nobody is allowed to be more than 100 meters away from food. That is the reason why you’ll find kitchens everywhere, as well as an awesome cafeteria where every employee is fed three times a day, for free. 

If you think that their offices are over the top and far too huge, don’t worry you wont need to walk all that long. You can instead take the slide or fireman’s pole around the building.

If all this is not enough, and you rather wish peace and quietness, there’s always the library or aquarium to choose.

Red Bull Office – Soho, London

The London office of Red Bull, is a converted building of five old pubs in Soho. Fun fact is that none of the buildings originally link together, or even having floors on the same height. It was always on the cards that this building was to have plenty of space and cool features. 

Red Bull is not only about energy drinks, but also for people to come and collaborate and be creative together in such unique spaces. 

The company threw away the corporate office rule book and decided that they would go for a more lounge like feel.

This would encompass original features from the old buildings, and a reception that turns into a bar at night. 

This is the perfect workspace for the young Londoner, who is looking to be creative with one of the most interesting companies around.

Facebook – Palo Alto, California

Facebook went about designing their office a little differently to most companies. They in fact used their company built software to conduct polls asking their employees what they would want from an office. 

The opinions which they received resulted in a brilliant work environment with big open spaces to work from.

Not just that it has amazing relaxation areas and even a place to skate and DJ from. That’s right, plugging in your iPod to a dock is passé. There’s a whole booth where one can polish their mixing skills while entertaining colleagues.

If this isn’t employee friendly, we aren’t sure what is? It is surely one of the best places to work and play. This is ideal really, considering their employees look after roughly 2.6 billion monthly active users.

YouTube – San Bruno, California

It is the world’s second largest search engine, the first one being Google. Its office space has everything which one has now come to associate with Google. 

Big open spaces and perks for employees dominate this office workplace. Employees can relax with a bit of indoor putting, free-roam Segway riding, eating, gaming, swimming, and gym activities, and these are just a few. 

It’s business and pleasure all rolled into one at YouTube. The company hopes that the staff will be relaxed and motivated enough to come up with new ideas and collaborate well with their colleagues.

Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada

Undoubtedly this is one of the largest offices in this list. And if one were to go by the looks of things, it surely seems to be more fun.

The office area is a massive 500,000 square feet, and is home to Corus Entertainment. Not for nothing, it has been as labeled Toronto’s smartest building. 

The building brings in a workforce of 1100 which earlier used to work in 11 separate buildings. The workspace is now an open office with multiple social spaces, which even includes a 5 storey atrium with a 3 storey slide couple with a lounge above a TV studio. 

This concept is entirely built upon the idea of having fun and bringing the entire work force of a company together in one place. The company believes this would boost productivity, helping the company to continue to grow. 

Bright colours, big TV’s, boardroom tables shaped like ice hockey rinks, this building surely has it all.

Pallotta TeamWorks – Los Angeles, California

The one reason that separates this office from others on this list is its budget. The company was limited to just $40 per square foot, which forced the designers to think something out of the box. And now when you think of it, it is more than just the box. 

Since everything had to be done on such a tight budget, the company took to customising a bunch of shipping containers and created a office space inside the large warehouse. 

This unique design and fresh colours make for a rather interesting work environment, which is not just cheap to build, but also cheaper to run. 

An interesting fact to know about the company is that, it is a charitable organisation which specialises in raising money for different needs. It puts together fundraisers for people to take part in, and raises tens of millions of dollars each year for charity.

Traction Marketing Group – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

What started off with just a plain warehouse is now a bundle of creative decor. With colour splurged over each wall, there’s an interesting mix of blue, green, brown and grey scattered across the large and open office. 

The company has done away with the harsh florescent lighting, and opted instead for spot lighting that swings down across the ping-pong table. 

The smooth concrete floor is host to multiple seating areas where employees can choose to rest, and the massive glass garage sized door floods the entire office with natural light. This makes for a highly comfortable work environment. 

The place used to be a warehouse initially, but that has added to the character of this office. This has prevented the feeling of a sterile workspace. 

The building’s design reflects the company’s business style. We must admit, we like what we see!

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