8 Countries Which Have The Most Strict Laws In The World

There are values and principles which every nation swears by. Their constitution holds the rights and duties of its citizens.

But it is not that plain and simple always. There are certain things which a country which a country feels is sensitive to talk about or act upon.

Such subjects may not be encouraged by many countries out there. Every nation may have its own take on them. Some might impose severe repercussions while some may let you out with a warning.

Today, we at Wishora, would talk about 10 such countries where the laws and norms are bit strict than usual.


The government of Iran follows the Sharia Law. Any propaganda or actions against the government is prohibited. 

Even a slight negative comment about the country’ bad governance would land you in trouble.

Men are expected to have only a certain kind of hairstyle as prescribed by Islam. They cant deviate much from it.

While, women must follow a specific dress code, like using a head-cover called hijab. Moreover they have to avoid wearing pants like skinny jeans when strolling. 

People are not allowed to listen to western music, like rap, jazz, and rock, are not allowed. 


In Eritrea, the government and the President have complete control over the news and its writers. 

If there is anything which needs to be published, it must be approved first by the President’s office prior to being broadcasted or going live. 

They have a say over religion too. One is not allowed to practice religion in public.


Cuba, the nation which is home to Fidel Castro and Cuban cigars. It is undoubtedly a top destination for a holiday worldwide. 

However, it’s predominantly a communist nation, and speaking against the government will invite trouble.

As internet is strictly monitored here, writers who have opposing views against the government will be captivated and sent to jail. Cubans, though, know how to party and let their hair down


It is widely believed that the feudal system had a great influence on how the modern Japanese Government’s business functioned. 

The companies of Japan have strict policies on work and it’s an obligation for all the employees to excel. Right from the CEO till the junior most rank in the company, they have to show great results and display strong work ethics.

Talking about Nagasaki and Hiroshima incidents as well as about WWII is neither appreciated nor allowed.


Even though this country is small in size as compared to other larger nations, adherence to law is strictly followed here. Even a small misstep might lead you to big trouble.

Spitting and smoking is admonished. You aren’t allowed to do so in public. Guess what, you may land up being bars if you wear inappropriate dress. 

Owing to such tough measures followed, the country has a high flying economy. Hence, it is able to maintain its ranking for being one of the most efficient countries in the world.


China, even though is super developed, at its core remains a communist country. Therefore, it is expected that nobody should cross the government. 

Any negative calling of the government is quickly traced, and silenced. It is nothing short of a crime, if the pros of western culture are influenced upon the youth of the country. 

Their media is quite strictly monitored, even internet access. 

Rebellion, reform, change, especially 1989 Tiananmen Protests are not allowed to discuss.

North Korea

North Korea is the only country that follows the dictatorial rule. Tourists are assigned personal escorts. These escorts will assist them from their arrival until departure. They are primarily assigned to ensure visitors don’t break any rules.

Especially the ones like speaking against the government.

The government controls everything, right from radio, print, and TV. Broadcasts and news content are censored. 

The only ones who are able to access the internet are the ruling elite and even their activities online are also closely watched.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is entrenched in laws related to tradition and religion. This makes it a difficult place to understand and empathise with.  Especially their social laws on, which are rigid and particuraly tough on women. 

While going out, women here are not allowed to wear casual clothes. They are expected to travel only with a relative and that too if it’s a man. 

The media here is closely monitored, and they have limited access to internet. 

If the senior editors broadcast or publish content that says negative about their administration, they are liable to be thrown out of the office.

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