8 High Profile Jobs Which Would Make You Envious

We are often in that peculiar state where we wish we were in someone else’s shoes. Be it personally or professionally. We would give anything to see ourselves in that position.

A job which looks like a dream to you from far. The perks, the high raise everything seems oh so wonderful.

There are some jobs in the world which are like our own guilty pleasure and the pay is almost what one would want, so let us take a look

We at Genmice, have come up with a list of such wonderful yet off the beat jobs. That one would rather want to jump on it directly.

Island Caretaker

As an island caretaker, a person’s responsibility is to promote that place which includes swimming, snorkelling, maintaining a blog and interacting with the locals.

Imagine getting paid Rs. 96 lakhs for this!

Chocolate Taster

Who would not love a job where a person’s primary responsibility is to taste a chocolate? Add to this, one would also get paid handsomely.

This is one job which would be on every person’s dream list. Expected average salary is around Rs. 35 lakhs

Beer Taster

If you aren’t a teetotaller, then why not pursue this job? This role description is simple and brief. It expects one to taste the liquid and perform as its connoisseur.

Average expected salary for this job is around Rs. 35 lakhs

Water slide tester

Relive your childhood with water slide testing. No we aren’t kidding one bit. This job is for real. A person has to check for the safety requirements of the slide, before it is made available to the public.

Such a prestigious job comes with quite a nice pay. A person is expected to draw anywhere around Rs. 16 lakhs.

Hotel Reviewer

There are plenty of hotels all around the world but who rates and recommends them? Well, have you ever thought about that? 

Well to your knowledge, hotels hire someone for that and pay them liberally. A hotel reviewer gets around Rs. 17 lakhs for reviewing the hotels and as per that they rate the hotels.

Boyfriend for rent

They aren’t many single ladies concept is a myth. Let us tell there are many of them. But you wont find them on Valentine’s day sitting alone, as China has started a scheme where they can rent a boyfriend for specific number go hours. 

One has to shell out Rs 3428 per hour for this fantasy.

Professional Zombie

They act like someone who would scare the daylights out of people. Such experts are mainly used in carnivals and movies

For such an unconventional job, they get paid almost Rs 4000 for 8 hours.

Professional Sleeper

The blame is squarely on our phones to keep us awake at night. But what if we tell you there are firms which give you a job just to sleep in the bed to check whether the bed is suitable for the customer. 

Whereas, some people even check the heart rate and brain activity of that person and for that, they pay them Rs 40 lakhs.

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  1. Jyoti Surana says:

    How to apply

  2. Manu says:

    The jobs mentioned above, where can i apply for and what may be the qualifications and eligibiloty criteria..if I can be guided on the same it would be great.
    Thanks And Regards

  3. Nishant shah says:

    Island caretaker sounds sumthing new but i would love to do that even if i dont get paid at early stage after showing my skills and love towards the job

  4. Balu says:

    I too want to be an island caretaker

  5. Deepak Alsunde says:

    How to apply

  6. Shaking devadas says:

    Interesting would like to be there as an island caretaker

  7. SOURAV chanda says:

    You didn’t mention where and how to apply for these jobs

  8. Aditya aggarwal says:

    How to apply for these kind of jobs in India ??

  9. Azhar says:

    I want that type of job’s

  10. Shalaka Shet says:

    Where to find such jobs??

  11. Madhurima Nag says:

    Interested. How can i apply for this.

  12. Prashu says:

    How will get this job

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