8 Incredible Things About Japan Which Prove They Are Living in 3020

Japan is a country known for its brilliant technology . Innovation is second nature to the Japanese. Setbacks notwithstanding, they have often always come up with solutions . These have proven to be effective and trend setting at the same time.

The entire world looks up to Japan for its technical prowess. It’s astounding and amazing at the same time.

Rice paddy field unlike anywhere else in the world

If you wont credit this for creativity and outrageous thinking, then we aren’t sure how would you be impressed?

Mini fast food truck anyone?

If you get lazy about thinking to visit a fast food store to buy your junk food. Then Japan has a solution for this too. They have developed a mini McDonald just to cater to your whims and fancies.

Capsule Hotels

If you don’t want to spend heavily on your hotel tariff or apartment rent, worry not. Japan has a fix for this too. They have developed capsule hotels which help people to save money and also get comfortable boarding.

Ocean Dome

What is the need to step outdoors and have a dip. Which would then lead to you getting a tan. Japan hasn’t stayed behind here too. It has developed an indoor water park for young and old alike to rest, relax and have fun.

Futuristic Commode

They don’t leave a stone unturned to make things better and beautiful for people. Who could imagine that a pot could have lights just so to ensure no one creeps out. We are amazed.

Umbrellas are raincoats

In Japan, you don’t just get an umbrella to ward off rain. You can even buy a ball of an umbrella which even acts like a raincoat. Their designs are truly 100 years ahead from others.

Baby holder in the bathroom

How thoughtful it is to have a baby holder in a bathroom. Your doubts about your baby while taking a bio break has now been put to rest.

Robotic staff in hotels

While we have many staff behaving robotically at many places, it is refreshing to see the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the hotel industry.

The guests are welcomed to the hotel by the robots.

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