8 Marvellous Places That Highly Demand Universal Attention

We have heard a lot of stories about the seven wonders of the world. The way they were created. How those all were a labour of love.

But there are many places around the world which are just as stunning as they are. But sadly owing to multiple reasons, they don’t get the required mileage.

These places are generally uncovered when tourists happen to visit them. And out of the blue, these places become famous. They are so unique in their existence that one really wonders what went behind their execution.

Who was that crazy genius who thought, let come up with something like this? We at Wishora, would want to take you on this trip filled with wonderful places.

You make a choice of what you make of them.

Swinging in Heaven, Turkey

For some, swinging itself gives a feeling of high. A sugar rush which is incomparable. But just imagine, what if we tell you that in Turkey, you could swing your way to heaven, Wow!

Louvre Pyramid, Paris

Its breathtaking beauty is a thing of pure bliss. Anyone who has been to this place will vouch for its magic. We would surely recommend to visit this wonder and tell the world that Paris, the love city of the world has more to it than the Eiffel Tower.

Digital Fountain, USA

How on earth could one even imagine building this up. A thing of sheer beauty, this digital fountain is another mind-bending wonder from the annals of USA

Jatayu, India

It wont be wrong to say that a myth has been built in India. This sculpture finds its place in Kerala, God’s own country. It is a wonder creation to say the least.

Golden Bridge, Vietnam

What if we tell you, while you walk across a bridge, there is a hand which holds you. And those hands are heavy. They hold hundreds of similar people.

Such is the golden bridge in Vietnam, an exhilarating thing of beauty.

Circle Building, China

Once you get over this architectural marvel, let us tell you that this is the world’s largest center for raw materials. And it is basically a new home to Guangdong plastic exchange.

Mirror Fountain, USA

How amazing it would be to see a fountain rotate 360 degree and spill out water at the same time. This marvel is called the mirror fountain in USA.

Penrose Fountain, USA

Julie Penrose Fountain in USA can be seen in downtown Colorado Springs. It exhibits the movements between the atmosphere and the earth where tourists can watch this artwork while strolling inside this park.

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  1. Ashutosh says:

    Wtf is myth being build if you cannot understand anything about India or its culture please just stay off no one needs a acknowledge of anything from anyone about our culture

  2. Samantha says:

    Love these

  3. Shoyal says:

    I never see all this place

  4. Shankar das says:

    Wow 😍 amazing place and pictures you captured.

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