8 Strangest Inventions We Never Knew Existed

World is a strange place. It does stranger things at times for survival, at times in response to a challenge. While at times plainly for fun.

Whenever, there might arise a situation which would demand us to do something different, we rise up to it. To understand the pain point and coming up with a solution is basic human nature.

Humans have far too often created something which may at times lie on the borderline of being bizarre. This doesn’t step them from not creating weird stuff.

We at Wishora, are going to list out few such inventions which has amused and astonished the world at the same time.

Duck Muzzle

There are many people who are afraid of dogs. For them this invention might appear as a relief.

This duck muzzle keeps a dog away from biting and barking at others. Just so while walking it would look harmless to others.

Baby Sponge Crawler

With this sponge crawler for babies, the fear of them hurting themselves is far gone. We are pretty sure a parent must have come up with this innovative idea.

Hair saver

One has to no longer worry about having a bad hair day while eating food. We have often noticed that women having longer hair have to be extra careful while munching.

But with this strange yet valuable invention, their fears would wash away.

Grass Slippers

With this invention, not only the problem of acupressure gets solved but also the task of walking in a garden. These are the most awesome pair of flip flops and slippers one could slip in.

Comfortable put on Pillow

With this put on pillow, you don’t need to hide your way while you are dozing off. This is specially meant to wipe away those Monday blues while still being in the weekend zone.

Scooter Stroller

It is for those people who are almost always in a hurry. With a scooter stroller, what you get are brakes which can be applied anytime, anywhere.

You may often wind up and strap it up all together just when you think you are running late.

Cheese grater

We often used to wait for the butter to melt or soften. But now with this new invention, we wouldn’t have to wait for anything as this device can grate butter in the toast itself.

So that we can eat our meal on time.

Fish Toilet Design

You need not miss being around your pet peeve while in toilet, so people have come up with this gem of an idea.

Doesn’t it look like a person answering a nature’s call while being surrounded by nature itself.

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