9 Images That Prove Why Japan Is Unlike Any Other Country In The World

We all know, Japan to be a country which is technologically advanced. There are many facets to it which not many people know. People here are known for their humility and graciousness. Here, we list out certain pictures which prove why is Japan unlike any other country in the world.

How did bus drivers in Japan protest against a strike?

There was a time when Japanese bus drivers lodged a protest against the government. But their measures did not affect the common people. Since the drivers refused to charge the commuters their fare and ensured smooth communication. They showed the world, how to lodge a peaceful strike.

Why do the drinking cans have braille labels on top?

We wonder how can a country be so thoughtful? In Japan, drinking cans have braille labels on top of them. This is done to prevent people from accidentally getting intoxicated.

What happened when Japan drew a match with Greece in Football World Cup 2018?

This indeed was an instance of pure grace and maturity. In 2018, post their country’s match with Greece, which ended in a draw. Japanese fans took upon themselves to clean up the entire stadium. Even though France might have won the World Cup, it was Japan who won hearts.

Baby seats attached to washrooms

This is something which the other countries can learn a lesson from. How to make a washroom children friendly? Japan answers this question by having baby seats attached to the walls in the bathroom.

What food will you be served if you have recently given birth to a child?

Mothers have a special respect in this country. If you have recently given birth to a child, then you would be served with the most amazing of foods. They would be rich not only in nutrition but would satiate a mother’s taste buds too.

What is a hand-wash sink?

Don’t be surprised if you find a hand wash sink in Japan. It is built so that you can wash your hands and reuse your water for next flush. This way, Japan saves a million litres of water each day.

Manhole covers in Japan

Manhole covers in Japan is unlike any other country in the world. It is a pure thing of art. Who would have thought that one can even design such a thing so artistically?

Japanese students have to clean their own mess

As a matter of gratitude and kindness, school students in Japan are asked to maintain cleanliness in their classrooms and bathroom too. If only other countries followed suit, bathroom cleaning wouldn’t be taken for granted.

Did they really push a 32 tonne train?

Japanese commuters pushed away a 32 tonne train so as to save a woman trapped between it. This is something which is extremely commendable, what lengths do people go to save their kind.

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