9 Signs That You Are Smarter Than You Think You Are

There are few people who would put themselves on a pedestal. They believe they have the know-how of everything. Such people would constantly boast about themselves. While few would come across as being too in your face, there would be who would do it pretty subtly.

But there are few who don’t think of themselves quite highly. They tend to underplay a lot. Such people under credit themselves. They feel its not owing to them that their team has succeeded.

We at wishora, would list out certain signs which would tell you exactly what you have been failing to notice up until now.

Slimmer you are, smarter you become

An interesting stat was observed from a research. It said that larger a person’s waistline, lower is their knowledge. According to other studies, it was inferred that 11-year-old kids who received poor test scores were more inclined to grow obese when they touch the age of 40.

You were breast-fed when you were a baby

Research observes that babies who were breast-fed displayed good skills sets as young adults. As compared to those babies who weren’t. Myth has it that babies who are breast-fed for minimum 3 months show good immune strength.

Left is right for you

You are one of those rare species of people for whom left is the way to go. Various analysts have observed that the grace which the lefties possess is unlike anything they have seen.

You are positively nervous

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the mastery over fear. Various theories have suggested that a person is more likely to fare well if he/she is nervous as compared to those who don’t care one bit. Being positively anxious is a good trait to possess.

Reading was and still is your forte

As a child, your favourite companion was books. You used to love reading! If you had such qualities, then you sure are pretty intelligent. An avid book lover listens attentively, observes minutely and has a scientific approach to life.

You were the eldest among all siblings

A study has made interesting findings. It says elder siblings in the family have slightly higher but distinct advantages when it comes to IQ as compared to their younger lot.

This is the reason why the oldest tend to be slightly more successful than the youngest in a family.

You are eager to know

Beautiful serious thinking young woman looking up on empty copy space

Curiosity is the man’s greatest gift. If you have the ability and the want to know things, you are already in a different league. People who love to question the “why” of things, tend to do better in their life.

You are outrageously funny

People sometimes take laughter too lightly. They don’t think highly of those who are funny. Studies have reported that people who have the ability to crack jokes and make light of the situation have better grasp in life.

You are a night person

Contrary to popular perception of early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. There came a research which indicated that people who are active in night tend to have a better IQ as compared to those who sleep early.

Night birds (minds) are quite creative and find solace in the fact that there aren’t many who are there to bug them. They feel liberated at dusk.

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